That's right: Eat the Whales. If you don't have the self-discipline to stop eating meat but want to cause as little suffering to animals as possible, may we suggest you leave the other animals alone and ... eat the whales?

The Numbers
Currently, Americans consume more than 25 billion land and sea animals every year (that's almost four times the global human population).

Let's do the math: A fish dinner for four can mean a death toll in the double digits. A hungry meat-eater can knock off a whole factory-farmed chicken in a single sitting. A pig becomes maybe 200 pounds of pork, and just one cow nets about 600 pounds of meat.

Whales are big. In fact, blue whales weigh an average of 84 tons. The sperm whale averages 35 tons, and a typical gray whale weighs about 20 tons. If blue whales were the only menu choice for meat-eaters, the average total annual animal body count for blue whales to satisfy Americans' taste for flesh would be 500,000.

A single blue whale... or over 1,200 pigs

If people in the U.S. ate whales instead of chickens and other animals, we could spare more than 24 billion animals a miserable life and hideous death every single year! As for general suffering, catch this:

Ignorance Is Bliss before the Harpoon Strikes

PETA--501 Front St. Norfolk, VA 25310--757-622-PETA

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