Eat the Whales

Ignorance Is Bliss before the Harpoon Strikes
Despite the noise and pollution invading the oceans, whales lead pretty good lives up until the hunt, at which point they are chased, circled, and then repeatedly stabbed. During their lives, whales enjoy freedom and family relationships. Whale families, "pods," suffer greatly when one animal, especially a mother or calf, is removed, and the psychological scars of seeing a gruesome death run deep. That is probably true for most, if not all, animals. However, whales at least have "quality time" with their families before they are harpooned and bled to death.

Swimming in a vast ocean... or cramped in filthy cages

What passes for life on the farm these days really is far worse than no life at all. Denied all natural behaviors, freedom, social relationships, and fresh air, billions of (ironically enough) vegetarian animals are forced to live in hideously distressing and filthy conditions on factory farms. Chickens have their beaks seared off with a hot blade, and male cows and pigs are castrated—all without painkillers. Mother cows are regarded as milk machines, kept constantly pregnant, and their calves are snatched away right after birth and shipped off to spend 14 weeks in darkness in the notoriously cruel veal crate. Mother cows have been known to break out of barns and run miles looking for their beloved stolen calves. Conditions are so crowded on factory farms that mother pigs aren't allowed the space to turn around in, and hens never spread even one wing. For most, their only venture out of the stench-filled factory farm is when they are kicked and prodded outside to be thrown onto the trucks that haul them to the slaughterhouse. There, the "lucky" ones will be rendered unconscious before they're gutted.

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